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Ask AI nonprofit welcomes Dishank Jani as Head of AI Research

New volunteer will help bootstrap research projects at Ask AI, the Canada-based nonprofit established in 2017 to help students, workers, policymakers, and everyday citizens navigate the opportunities and disruptions being created by artificial intelligence technology.

Ask AI nonprofit welcomes Dishank Jani as Head of AI Research

April 23, 2024 - Ottawa, Canada - The Ask AI nonprofit has today announced that Dishank Jani has joined its volunteer team as Head of AI Research. Dishank brings a depth of knowledge in AI and healthcare technologies and is deeply committed to Ask AI's mission of empowering communities as they navigate the opportunities and disruptions caused by the increased adoption of AI technology.

Mr. Jani holds a Masters in Applied Computer Science from Dalhousie University where his research focused on healthcare applications, including the development of AI-driven diagnostic systems and advanced ML techniques to improve patient care.

This included an AI-based classification system for Covid-19, pneumonia, and lung cancer that uses deep learning models to assist healthcare professionals in disease identification.

In 2024, he led a team that reached the finals of the 'AI in Healthcare Hackathon' hosted by Microsoft, where his group developed an innovative solution for brain tumor classification based on radiographic and genomic data.

“I’m excited to be joining Ask AI to advance their mission to help people navigate the opportunities and disruptions associated with artificial intelligence, particularly in the context of healthcare. I believe that AI has the potential to transform the sector, making it more precise and efficient, and I am eager to contribute to this transformation through this volunteer role.” - Dishank Jani, Head of AI Research, Ask AI

Head of AI Research

As the Head of AI Research, Dishank Jani will lead Ask AI's efforts across several key areas:

Research: Identifying opportunities to support healthcare groups such as nonprofits, practitioners, and medical students with open resources.

Data Management: Creating and managing open datasets and models in support of the creation of open digital experiences e.g. chatbots.

Data Analysis: Publishing visualizations that provide healthcare nonprofits and practitioners with insights into the opportunities and challenges associated with artificial intelligence.

"As the application of artificial intelligence becomes more widespread, individuals, nonprofits, and policymakers at all levels will require access to datasets and analyses in order to make better informed decisions. We couldn't be more pleased that someone as skilled as Dishank Jani has chosen to join the Ask AI volunteers. His expertise and passion will help advance our mission to support a more thoughtful, responsible, and fair evolution of AI technology within our schools, workplaces, and greater society." - Chris McLellan, Founder and Senior Producer, Ask AI

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About Ask AI

Ask AI is an independent nonprofit that's been dedicated to helping students, workers, policymakers, and everyday citizens stay one step ahead of artificial intelligence opportunities and disruptions since 2017. Our volunteers produce a popular newsletter, podcast, short videos, free events, and open research.

Our Advisory Committee includes leaders from some of Canada’s most influential organizations, including the Vector Institute, Mila, AMII, AInBC, and the Responsible AI Institute.

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