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Canadian AI News Roundup - June 2022

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

Welcome to the Ask AI news roundup where we highlight the latest innovations, investments, and breakthroughs in the Canadian artificial intelligence sector. Stay up-to-date by subscribing to our podcast and monthly newsletter and following us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

AI Deals & Investments

🍁 The Government of Canada has launched the 2nd phase of the Pan-Canadian Artificial Intelligence Strategy backed by an investment of $443 million. Full story

🤲 The Vector Institute has announced the extension of its strategic engagements with its founding industry sponsors through to 2027. Full story

💲 Insilico Medicine Raises $60 Million in Series D Financing to Advance Pipeline and Launch AI-powered Drug Discovery Robotics Laboratory. Full story

👍 SheBoot selects Braiyt.Ai as its first participant for upcoming cohort. Founded in 2019, Braiyt uses AI to tap into security cameras to track metrics such as customers entering stores. Full story

⚖ University of Alberta partnership grant funds national research aimed at reforming Canada’s justice system. Full story

💲 SortSpoke has secured $4.5M to bring its universal AI document processing platform to enterprise. Full story

💲 Edmonton-based Areto Labs, the B2B cybersecurity startup had raises $1M to help sports teams protect star athletes from social media trolls. Full story

😀 Ask AI Exclusive: What is the Pan-Canadian Artificial Intelligence Strategy? We spoke with Dr. Elissa Strome, head of CIFAR’s Pan-Canadian AI strategy. Get episode

AI & Sustainability

🌊 Vancouver's Carl Data Solution has launched a new product that helps cities predict damage to caused by storms and water-based erosion. Full story.

😀 Ask AI Exclusive: How can AI make an impact in carbon-intensive industries? We asked Mark Speaker, Industry Solutions Executive at Microsoft Canada. Get episode

AI & Governance

🍁 Canada's new privacy bill (C-27) sets out rules on use of personal data, artificial intelligence. Full story

🤔 External body says AI could pose a threat to 'vulnerable' peoplewarns that the emergence of artificial intelligence and data-driven intelligence poses a threat to racialized communities. Full story

👀 Thunder Bay police say BriefCam software makes use of artificial intelligence to cut down on time needed to review video footage captured by the cameras. Full story

😀 Ask AI Exclusive: Can AI help preserve indigenous languages? We spoke with Anna Kazantseva, Research Officer for Indigenous Language Technologies, NRC. Get episode

AI & Healthcare

👉 South Korea's Lunit has announced that it received commercial approval in Canada for Lunit Insight, the company's AI solution suite for radiology. Full story

🏆 Montreal PhD grad wins national award for AI tool that helps predict, prevent strokes. Karina Gasbarrino dedicated 10 years to researching strokes. Full story

😢 Researchers who analyzed language related to depression on social media during the pandemic say the data suggest people learned to cope as the waves wore on. Full story

🏥 Sanofi to launch AI Centre of Excellence in Toronto. Full story

😀 Ask AI Exclusive: Why is AI essential for developing new medicines for genetic diseases? We spoke with Amit Deshwar, VP and Head of Predictive Systems at Deep Genomics. Get episode

AI & Business

👶Toronto mom creates app to help track babies' speech and language. Speech-language pathologist says technology can help empower parents. Full story

😀 Ask AI Exclusive: How is applied (and responsible) AI impacting enterprise competitiveness? We spoke with Cory Janssen, Co-CEO at AltaML. Get episode

AI & Natural Resources / Agriculture

🐟 A startup out of the University of BC has won $10,000 to help it advance a monitoring system that uses video and AI to calculate catch and bycatch for commercial fishing boats. Full story

🔥 Researchers from the University of Toronto and Hebrew University have used AI-powered archaeology to find hidden evidence of fire use by early humans. Full story

😀 Ask AI Exclusive: How is AI making greenhouse production more efficient? We met with Yves Daoust, Founder and CTO at Winter Farm who were awarded $2.9M to find out. Get episode

AI & Finance

💸, the machine learning platform for global investment professionals has announced the release of Equity Explorer for portfolio managers. Full story

AI & Robotics/AV/AR

🤖 Samsung AI Center Montréal opens a modern lab to develop wireless and robotics technologies. Full story

😀 Ask AI Exclusive: How will AI create immersive content for the metaverse? We asked Manal Siddiqui, CEO, and Pietro Gagliano, CVO, at Transitional Forms. Get episode

AI & Public Sector

🏆 Durham Region has been named one of the top seven Intelligent Communities in the world. Full story

🏫 The McKenna Institute at the University of New Brunswick (UNB) announced that it is working with IBM Canada to aims to upskill up to 40,000 people in 5 years. Full story

😀 Ask AI Exclusive: What goes on at MILA, Quebec’s renowned AI research Centre? We asked Stéphane Létourneau, EVP, MILA. Get episode

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