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E43: Can AI accelerate the shift to clean energy choices?

Updated: Mar 27

Catch the Ask AI interview with Arooj Ahmed Qureshi, Data Scientist at EnPowered, the Waterloo-based energy payment platform that helps energy customers save on electricity costs while making more sustainable choices

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AI and clean energy

Arooj Ahmed Qureshi is a Data Scientist working at EnPowered, a pioneering cleantech company accelerating the adoption of innovative energy solutions.

As a data professional with 5+ years of experience in software engineering, data modeling, and building end-to-end machine learning applications across the security, healthcare, and education industries, she works with various types of data, including temporal EEG (brain) and UWB (antenna) signals, text (sentiment analysis), images, and SQL structured databases.

"It is probably my inquisitive nature that makes me fall in love with my job. I love exploring data." - Arooj Ahmend Qureshi

Founded in 2015 in Waterloo, Canada, the Enpowered payment platform provides convenient on-bill payment to enable the acquisition of energy solutions with no upfront costs. The platform also predicts spikes in electricity prices, allowing customers to shift usage to save on average 48% on electricity costs while also reducing emissions.

Tune in to this Ask AI interview as our host Melissa Kargianakkis meets Arooj Ahmed Qureshi, Data Scientist at EnPowered, to ask the question:

Can AI accelerate the shift to clean energy choices?

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