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Episode 28: How will AI create immersive content for the metaverse?

Updated: Mar 27

The Ask AI interview with Manal Siddiqui, CEO, and Pietro Gagliano, CVO, at Transitional Forms

Special thanks to Microsoft Canada and Cinchy, the Dataware platform, for returning as sponsors of the 4th series of the Ask AI podcast and supporting greater awareness of artificial intelligence in Canada and beyond. All of our episodes and 100s of AI profiles are also available from our chatbot, generously sponsored by Toronto’s Ada Support.

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Social media giant Facebook recently announced that it is aligning its name, and a great deal of its future, with the development of the mataverse, the exciting (and slightly murky) future of human-machine interaction.

While the concept is notoriously difficul to pin down, most observers would agree that the metaverse describes a parallel World where people, generally in the form of digitial avatars, interact with other users, intelligent agents, and objects within simulated 3D spaces that are experienced via augmented reality and/or virtual reality.

It's also generally agreed that technologies such as IOT and Digital Twins will play a major role in powering the infrastructure these new digital worlds.

But what role will artificial intelligence play in the development of the landscapes, cityscapes, and experiences that make up the metaverse?

That's a question being answered by a new wave of developers and designers such as the folks at Transitional Forms, the Toronto-based "entertainment innovation" agency that is on a mission to align AI with human culture in order to power the next generation of autonomous, dynamic content.

"By closing the feedback loop between the data created by interactive content and the intelligent systems that can generate it, we see a massive opportunity to build dynamic media that will one day power the Metaverse. Our unique studio-lab model is purpose-built to drive rapid iteration and cutting-edge innovation on this frontier." - Transitional Forms website

Tune in to this episode of the Ask AI podcast as host Melissa Kargiannakis sits down with Manal Siddiqui, CEO, and Pietro Gagliano, Chief Vision Officer at Transitional Forms to ask the question: How will AI create immersive content for the metaverse?

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