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Event: AI and Healthcare: Optimizing The Patient Experience

Updated: Mar 7

Post-event update:

Thanks again to everyone who came out to make our 3rd event another full house. See you all next time!


Following our second packed event in April, 2018 which hosted over 175 attendees representing more than 75 organizations, Ask AI returns to downtown Toronto for "AI & Healthcare: Optimizing The Patient Experience".

We have stellar presenters and panels, there’ll be free food and local craft beer, and plenty of time to expand your professional network.

Key information

Location: Top Hat, 151 Bloor St W Suite 200, Toronto, ON M5S 2C7

Date: Thursday, November 8th.

Time: 5:30PM-830PM

Cost: Free (click below to RSVP via our Meetup page)

Food: Pizza (including veggie and vegan options), local craft cider, and refreshments will be served.

Travel: Get a free rideshare credit from our friends at Lyft. Enter promo code ASKAIHEALTH to get $10 off your ride to or from the venue (Bay & Bloor) after 4PM on the day of the event. See Terms.

Live Stream: Get the Facebook Live details.

Top Hat, 151 Bloor St W Suite 200, Toronto, ON M5S 2C7
Top Hat, 151 Bloor St W Suite 200, Toronto, ON M5S 2C7

Why Artificial Intelligence and Healthcare?

When the Ask AI podcast host Jaxson Khan asked Dr.Elissa Strome, Executive Director of the Pan-Canadian AI Strategy what she found most exciting about artificial intelligence, she placed its potential for improvements in healthcare at the top of her list.

This thought was echoed during our interview with Dr. Wendy Cukier, the founder of the Ryerson Diversity Institute and Chair of Toronto's Women's College Hospital.

It seems most analysts agree: the global AI healthcare market is estimated to reach $22 billion USD by 2023 and this has been reflected in a notable rise in venture capital investments in this space.

Join us at "AI & Healthcare" and gain a better understanding of the healthcare innovations being driven by artificial intelligence, including:

  • Improved patient outcomes

  • Increased coordination between healthcare workers and patients

  • Increased adoption of new medicines

You’ll also be introduced to the challenges and ethical concerns that are intrinsic to the adoption of patient data and AI technologies within Canada’s healthcare and mental health systems.

Keynote: Dr. Zayna Khayat

Dr. Zayna Khayat, the Future Strategist at SE Health and Exponential Medicine faculty member at Singularity University will provide an overview of how new AI-enabled tools, consumer pull, and unsustainable business models are shaping the future of healthcare in Canada.

This is a unique opportunity hear this international thought leader share her experiences and insights on advanced technologies and healthcare.

Lightning round

Following Dr. Khayat's presentation, we'll commence our startup lightning round, featuring some of Toronto's top companies working at the intersection of data science, artificial intelligence, and patient services, including:

  • SeamlessMD - collecting real-time data to support patient care management and quality improvement.

  • Winterlight Labs - analyzing speech data to provide early detection of dementia and mental illness.

  • Elizz - developing an intelligent agent to support Canada's 8 million family caregivers.

  • Spxtrm AI - using room-based data to optimize patient care, safety, compliance, and healthcare resources.

Expert panel

Moderator: Natasha Puri, healthcare expert, University Health Network, Toronto, Canada

Natasha Puri, healthcare expert, University Health Network, Toronto, Canada
Natasha Puri, healthcare expert, University Health Network, Toronto, Canada

The startup demos will be followed by our panel discussion being led by Natasha Puri from the University Health Network.

The panel will discuss and debate the opportunities and challenges posed by the application of AI technologies in healthcare, featuring the following healthtech experts:

Event partners

NextAI is Canada’s premiere AI startup accelerator located in Toronto and Montreal - two global hotspots for AI research and commercialization. NextAI is for entrepreneurs, researchers and scientists lookinDr.Elissa Strome, Executive Director of the Pan-Canadian AI Strategy to launch AI-enabled ventures.

SnapClarity uses an industry-leading algorithm to match people seeking help with optimal mental healthcare services from their professional network.

Toronto-based Ada Support is an AI-powered platform that enables enterprise businesses around the world to automate customer services to save time, reduce costs, and improve the customer experience.

Our rideshare partner Lyft is offering promo code ASKAIHEALTH to give our attendees a free $10.00 ride credit. Credit is valid between 4PM and 12AM on Nov 8, 2018 only. Pickup or drop-off must be within the event coverage area (151 Bloor St. W). Click here for full terms and conditions,

Our friends at Iconic Brewing Co will be serving Ask AI guests free samples of their Cottage Springs vodka sodas and newly-launched Liberty Village Hard Cider. RSVP NOW

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