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Episode 17: How is a Data Fabric used to accelerate AI projects?

The Ask AI interview with Dan DeMers, CEO & Co-Founder, Cinchy, and President Data Collaboration Alliance

Special thanks to Microsoft Canada and Cinchy for sponsoring the third series of the Ask AI podcast and supporting greater awareness of artificial intelligence in Canada. All of our episodes and 100s of AI profiles are also available from our chatbot, generously sponsored by Toronto’s Ada Support.

As artificial intelligence technology continues to emerge from the relative isolation of research labs into the real-world (aka “AI operationalization”) it finds itself entering a marketplace already awash with applications.

A recent study on the state of the SaaS market reported that even small businesses now manage 80+ SaaS applications and in the enterprise sector this number can easily exceed 5,000 or more.

To non-IT folks, these may not seem like a crazy numbers, but ask anyone who has built a new app or system and they’ll confirm the “innovation tax” that applications impose on development projects. In fact, the process of integrating data from pre-existing apps and systems now represents 40%+ of IT delivery budgets and can take months (or even years) to complete.

So this is the environment that Canadian startups and public sector teams must navigate as they seek to deploy their AI/ML technologies. But while the sheer cost and complexity of integration can be a huge barrier to market, incredible advances in data management have emerged that aim to make traditional integration a thing of the past.

Tune in to this episode of the Ask AI podcast and learn how Dan DeMers, CEO and co-founder of Toronto-based Cinchy, has taken inspiration from the network-based design of the brain to develop Data Fabric platform technology that eliminates traditional integration, accelerates AI/ML projects, and supports collaborative intelligence.

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Episode highlights

  • What does Cinchy have to do with horses?

  • How the brain inspired Data Fabric architecture

  • Why Data Fabric technology tops Gartner’s Hype Cycle

  • How a Data Fabric eliminates traditional integration

  • What’s the Data Collaboration Alliance all about?

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Episode credits

Sponsors: Microsoft Canada and Cinchy Chatbot partner: Ada Support Executive Producer: Chris McLellan Host: Jaxson Khan Assistant Producers: Oleena Mak and Kristin Riddell Original music: Mike LeTourneau

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