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Bailie Geddes joins Ask AI as Lead AI Researcher & Community Manager

Ask AI extends a warm welcome to Bailie Geddes who has joined our team in support of Canada's world-class AI sector

Bailie Geddes who has joined as Lead AI Researcher and Community Manager
Bailie Geddes, Lead AI Researcher & Community Manager!

Ask AI is powered by the passion and dedication of our volunteers and so we're incredibly excited that Bailie Geddes has joined our team to lead our research and community initiatives!

Bailie recently completed her degree in Computer Science with AI at Kingston's Queen’s University where she gained skills in math arithmetic, ordering systems, neural networks, and most recently, game building and design.

She is currently working as a Junior Project Manager at Havas where she manages strategists, technologists and creatives to effectively deliver digital solutions to our clients. The combination of both her studies and work experience has allowed her to work on various creative software.

Bailie is passionate about Responsible AI and will be working with the Ask AI team to help produce informational resources and act as a focal point for our community.

Fun fact: Bailie discovered the Ask AI opportunity by asking ChatGPT to share the best volunteering roles focused on Canada's AI sector! 🤖

If you have Canadian AI news to share or ideas for us to consider please feel free to reach out!

Email: or connect on LinkedIn

Welcome Bailie!


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About Ask AI

Since 2016, the Ask AI nonprofit has supported Canada's fast-emerging artificial intelligence sector with a popular podcast, informative blog, free events, and helpful chatbot for an audience of students, startups, policy-makers, and working professionals. We also offer volunteering opportunities for folks looking to boost their experience, contacts, and thought leadership in the AI/ML sector.

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