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Guest posting with Ask AI

Updated: Mar 17

Ask AI collaborates with industry experts, futurists, bloggers, vloggers, and analysts to produce short 1-5 minute videos that help people understand and navigate AI disruption at home, work, and wider society.

Help answer key questions in artificial intelligence

Ask AI welcomes contributions that inform people about on the challenges, opportunities, break-throughs, events, trends, and warning signs in artificial intelligence.

Submissions can be in audio or video format and between 5 and15 minutes in length:

  • Explain a concept, research, or policy

  • Analyse a news story

  • Review an event or app

  • Share an editorial/essay


Guest contributors are welcome to submit content as often as they like but at least one every 8 weeks is optimal.


  • Thought leadership

  • Brand awareness

  • Advocacy

  • Influence


If you have a professional contact who might be interested please feel free to tag them in the comments of our LinkedIn post.

Alternatively, they can send us an email:

About Ask AI

Ask AI is an independent nonprofit that's been dedicated to helping students, startups, and working professionals stay one step ahead of artificial intelligence disruption since 2017. Our volunteers produce a popular newsletter, podcast, videos, free events, and open research.

Our Advisory Committee includes leaders from some of Canada’s most influential organizations, including the Vector Institute, Mila, AMII, AInBC, and the Responsible AI Institute.

Visit our website to subscribe and learn more about volunteering, content collaborations, and sponsorship opportunities.

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