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Canada Artificial Intelligence News - September 2023

Updated: Dec 8, 2023

The Ask AI news roundup highlights recent innovations, investments, and breakthroughs in Canada's artificial intelligence sector.

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Editor's picks

😬 KPMG poll reveals 52% of Canadian students 18+ are using Generative AI. Full story

🧐 Angus Reid study reveals 40% of Canadian students witnessed cheating with AI tools in past year. Full story

🤔 Concerning numbers of Canadian K-12 teachers are using AI tools. Full story

👍 ISED has opened public consultations on a “voluntary code of practice” for Generative AI. Full story

😬 U of T researchers warn that future AI models trained on AI-generated content "causes irreversible defects" and "model collapse". Full story

🤔 New report suggests that Quebec's reliance on paper standing in the way of AI. Full story

🤔 Canadian film productions still rolling but union facing deep concerns about AI-generated content. Full story Watch video 👇

AI breakthroughs, investments, & awards

The NRC has developed AI-powered solutions to help resolve air traveller complaints. Full story

Kenneth Yeung, a computer science student at the University of Ottawa, participated in the Generative Red Team Challenge at DEF CON. Full story

KPI Mining Solutions has announced a partnership with Monreal's Mila to build AI tools for the mining industry. Full story

AI in education

Quebec's CEGEP teachers say they lack the AI tools they need to help detect plagiarism in assignments. Full story

Back-to-school prep for Toronto mom Valerie Tih involves a crash course in the AI tools. Full story

UNB computer science students offering an AI Beginner Course for high school students. Full story

University of New Brunswick has launched a 'Research Institute in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence' (RIDSAI). Full story

AI governance, ethics, & society

University of Ottawa law professor Teresa Scassa claims the government’s approach to Generative AI too rushed and not transparent. Full story

CIFAR has introduced a free online course “Destination AI” to improve public knowledge about AI tools. Full story

AI and sustainability, food security

A farmer in Manitoba has opened up 6,000 acres for testing new products and technologies in a real-world environment. Full story

AI in healthcare and life sciences

NRC researcher Ashkan Ebadi and University of Waterloo's Alexander Wong have developed an AI that finds COVID with less data. Full story

Health Canada has shared guidelines for makers of AI-enabled medical devices. Full story

Business, public sector, & startups

RBC survey finds 71% of Canadians aged 18-34 finding AI useful in automating savings. 75% expressed skepticism. Full story

The Township of South Stormont, Ontario has signed an MOU to use AI to optimize local services, including garbage collection. Full story Watch video 👇

AI technology used by half of the graduates of the Alberta Scaleup and Growth Accelerator program operated by Alberta Innovates. Full story

Tourism Jasper has teamed up with the Alberta Machine Intelligence Institue (AMII) to see if AI can be used to improve efficiency and operations. Full story Watch video 👇

Shopify has launched new toolset called Shopify Magic that features auto-generated product descriptions and an intelligent retailing assistant dubbed Sidekick. Full story

McKinsey and Cohere announce partnership to provide tailored solutions in Generative AI to help improve business performance. Full story Watch video 👇

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