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Canada Artificial Intelligence News - May 2023

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

The Ask AI news roundup highlights the recent innovations, investments, and breakthroughs from Canada's artificial intelligence sector.

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Editor's picks

🧐 Philippe Dufresne, Canada's Privacy Commissioner, has launched an investigation into ChatGPT, the explosively popular artificial intelligence-powered chatbot. Full story

❓ According to a new report by KPMG, only 33% of Canadian businesses are exploring ChatGPT for day-to-day operations, compared to 65% of US companies. Full story

💸 Eleven universities will be sharing nearly $1.4 billion in funding in Canada's largest-ever Federal university grant awarded for AI and robotics. Full story

🎶 Copyright pickle: an AI-generated song purporting to be Drake and The Weeknd racked up 600,000 streams on Spotify before a music labels had it pulled. Full story

🎹 Örjan Sandred of the University of Manitoba is working with Manitoba Arts Council and pianist Megumi Masaki to develop a human-machine duet. Full story

Breakthroughs & Kudos

🍄 BC-based Wellbeing Digital Sciences and Ontario-based KGK Science have started first-of-its-kind clinical trial using ML to assess psilocybin to treat Fragile X syndrome. Full story

💻 Royal Bank of Canada's 'NOMI Forecast' awarded 'Best Use of AI for Customer Experience' at Digital Banker Digital CX Awards for providing 7 day view into cashflow. Full story

🔬 The Canada First Research Fund has awarded U of T's Acceleration Consortium $199M to develop 'self-driving labs' to automate chemical and materials research. Full story

Governance, Ethics, & Society

🚔 Dr. Peter Lewis and Dr. Theresa Stotesbury at OTU have been awarded $250K to apply AI to crime scene bloodstain analyses to reduce wrongful convictions. Full story

💲 A new report by Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OSFI) and Global Risk Institute (GRI) highlights the risks of using AI in financial services. Full story

🤔 A new startup is using AI to catch bartenders who steal drinks? Kitchener startup Bevcounter is developing technology to combat theft in the pub industry. Full story

📚 Concordia’s Applied AI Institute is offering a 3 week interdisciplinary Summer Institute for graduate students to explore AI’s social impacts. Full story

Canada artificial intelligence news in healthcare

🎗Professor Angela Roberts of the Faculty of Health Sciences Communications at Western University is leading the first-ever study of Canadian ‘SuperAgers’. Full story

👀 The Hopsital for Sick Children in Toronto is using AI to help see more patients by ordering tests upon arrival rather than waiting for an initial assessment. Full story

👍 UBC Faculty of Medicine researchers have received $3M from NSERC to train biomedical engineers with expertise across biology, biotechnology, and AI. Full story

🩺 Rahul Krishnan, an assistant professor at the University of Toronto, has received $85K from Amazon to study consequences of implementing AI in healthcare. Full story


🚨 Toronto's Private AI has launched 'PrivateGPT' a no-code plugin that automatically redacts sensitive info and PII from user prompts of Generative AI platforms like ChatGPT. Full story

🧾 KPMG Canada and Ottawa's MindBridge have formed a strategic alliance to bring advanced AI into KPMG's global organization and digital audits around the world. Full story

💼 Ontario-based Schneider Electric is using its AI-driven Open Talent Market (OTM) platform to matching workers with projects and learning opportunities that interest them. Full story


🙋‍♀️ The use of ChatGPT by students in elementary and high school is ringing alarm bells for some Canadian teachers, while others have embraced the technology. Full story

🐱 Faced with evolving AI, some teachers in Quebec's schools are changing the way they teach or using bots of their own to stay ahead of the cat-and-mouse game of plagiarism. Full story

💰 A new $124.5M federal grant will support research, teaching, and knowledge transfer in AI via R3AI IVADO, a consortium of multiple Qubec-based universities. Full story

Agriculture & Food Security

🌱 Manitoba's EMILI has partnered with University of Winnipeg to use AI to identify plant and weed varieties in order to optimize seed and spray activities. Full story

🐄 McGill University and Université du Québec à Montréal have invested $5M in an 'Animal Welfare and AI' office to link animal welfare and dairy farm profitability. Full story

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