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E37: How is AI being used to help predict breast cancer?

The Ask AI interview with Dr. Samuel Aparicio, Chair in Breast Cancer Research at UBC and Head of the BC Cancer Research Institute Department of Breast and Molecular Oncology.

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Dr. Samuel Aparicio is the Nan & Lorraine Robertson Chair in Breast Cancer Research

at UBC, Head of the BC Cancer Research Institute (Department of Breast and Molecular Oncology), and Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada.  

He has most recently conducted foundational work on methods for studying the evolution of human cancers using next-generation sequencing approaches and single cell sequencing methods. Dr Aparicio is also working to develop quantitative measures of clonal fitness in patients, including methods for single cell genome sequencing and patient derived xenograft models of human cancer.

As a physician-scientist, the key philosophy of Dr. Aparicio’s program has been to provide a strong

multidisciplinary environment for training of highly qualified personnel (HQP). His former trainees have gone on to success in academia as institute directors, PIs and others in medicine or in senior positions in industry or postgraduate education.

Dr. Aparicio has published 222 papers in genomics and genetics of disease with 55,000 citations and has published in such high impact journals as: New England Journal of Medicine, Nature, Cell, Science, Nature Medicine, Nature Genetics, Nature Methods, Cell Stem Cell and Cell Metabolism.

Tune in to this episode of the Ask AI podcast as host Jaxson Khan sits down with Dr. Samuel Aparicio, head of the BC Cancer Research Institute Department of Breast and Molecular Oncologyto ask the question:

How is artificial intelligence being used to help predict breast cancer?

Farewell to Jax!!

This is an especially poignant show because it's also Jaxson Khan's farewell interview with the Ask AI podcast. We cannot thank Jax enough for inspiring this podcast (4 series and counting!) and being such an awesome and generous volunteer.

He has been a passionate supporter of Canada's Artificial Intelligence sector for many years and we wish him nothing but the best of luck in the future!

We'll miss you lots Jax, please stay in touch! 😍😍😍

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