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Canada Artificial Intelligence News - October 2023

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

The Ask AI news roundup highlights recent innovations, investments, and breakthroughs in Canada's artificial intelligence sector.

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Editor's picks

🤔 The Feds have unveiled a voluntary code of conduct for the use of advanced generative artificial intelligence systems in Canada. Full story

😌 AI may be rising, but according to a recent conference infosec leaders will maintain job security forever, confirming humans are the ultimate security patch. Full story

🤑 AI to boost Canada's economy by $210 billion, according to a new Google report. Full story

🐄 Scientists at McMaster University are cooking up a meaty revolution with lab-grown steaks, helping to spare cows and the planet. Full story

🎵 Fake Drake won't be eligible to receive accolades as Juno Awards add new guidelines to prevent robot takeover. Full story

🌿 1606 Corp and Cool Blue have teamed up for ChatCBD, an AI customer experience that's high on satisfaction. Full story

🌾 Saskatchewan techies have created an app for grains, making even wheat feel validated by AI. Full story

Breakthroughs, investments, & awards

🏆 Raquel Urtasun of Waabi has been named Emerging Technology CEO of the Year by the Ontario Chamber of Commerce. Full story

👍 Bo Wang has been appointed the chief artificial intelligence scientist at UHN, Canada's largest network of research hospitals. Full story

🤑 Toronto-based Secoda has raised $14M to acceelrate use of Generative AI to enable employees to search, understand, and use company data. Full story

AI in education

🧐 Two Nova Scotia professors have weighed in on how large-language models may help — or hinder — student research. Full story

Governance, ethics, & society

🤔 Global media organizations have unveiled AI development principles, charting an ethical course for the digital information age. Full story

😬 Google's AI rollout in Canada has hit some red tape, with regulatory concerns putting the tech giant in a slow-motion spiral. Full story

Sustainability, agrictech, and food security

🧪 U of T Engineering prof has deployed AI to greenify chemical industries, turning tech into an eco-warrior for the planet. Full story

🔥 Rogers has combined AI and SpaceX tech to battle wildfires in British Columbia, turning up the heat on firefighting in Canada. Full story

Healthcare and life sciences

👍 Researchers at the University of Toronto have deployed AI to enhance diabetes prediction and prevention efforts. Full story

👀 Elna Medical is collaborating with Hippocratic AI to co-develop a leading and secure artificial health general intelligence (HGI) platform. Full story

🤖 Pilot project sees AI robots become cheerful companions for seniors in British Columbia, bringing smiles and support to their golden years. Full story

🧠 Western University has harnessed AI to forecast brain injury recovery, revolutionizing medical care with precision and newfound hope for patients. Full story

🤣 A new app for Calgary medical students' uses AI to hone their skills, making learning medicine feel like a futuristic video game. Full story

Business, startups, and public sector

📊 Concordia's Applied AI Institute has teamed up with Open North to turbocharge municipal data research, making city data the new superhero. Full story

🤔 Canada's federal workers are delving into the world of Generative AI to support some bureaucratic small talk. Full story

👍 Ubisoft, McGill, and Mila have teamed up to make video games AI-responsible – virtual characters applaud with pixelated thumbs! Full story

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