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E45: How is AI accelerating the science behind pharmaceutical research?

Updated: May 10, 2023

We checked-in with Liran Belenzon, co-founder & CEO of BenchSci, the AI-assisted application that's accelerating science at 16 of the top 20 pharmaceutical companies and over 4,500 research centers worldwide

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Liran Belenzon is the CEO and co-founder of BenchSci. Born in Israel where he earned his law degree and sold his first startup, he immigrated to Canada to do his MBA where he met three Ph.D. students who were working on an AI platform that could solve the declining productivity of drug discovery caused by avoidable inefficiencies in preclinical research.

Together, they founded BenchSci in 2015.

About BenchSci

BenchSci’s vision is to bring novel medicine to patients 50% faster by 2025. They’re achieving it by empowering scientists with the world’s most advanced biomedical artificial intelligence.

Their AI-Assisted 'Reagent Selection' application decodes experimental text and images to present relevant figures and insights—enabling scientists to reduce time and uncertainty during the reagent and model system selection process.

Tune in to this Ask AI team check-in as host Carolyne Pelletier meets Liran Belenzon, co-founder & CEO of BenchSci, to ask the question:

How is AI accelerating the science behind pharmaceutical research?

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