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Sponsor Ask AI in 2024

Sponsoring the Ask AI nonprofit is a powerful and cost-effective opportunity to align your organization, product, services, and thought leaders with the fast-paced artificial intelligence sector in Canada and beyond.

About Ask AI

Since 2017, the volunteers of the Ask AI nonprofit have been raising awareness and understanding of Canada's world-class artificial intelligence sector for an audience of researchers, policy-makers, and everyday professionals.

We produce a podcast, monthly newsletter, open research, and free online events.

Our Advisory Committee features leaders from some of Canada’s most influential AI-focused organizations, including the Vector Institute, Mila, AMII, AInBC, and the Responsible AI Institute.

Podcast Sponsorship Opportunity

100% of sponsorship funding goes to help to cover our operational costs, including web hosting, SaaS fees, and content editing. Interested to learn more? Send us a quick email:


  • Shared Package: $1,500 CAD (one of up to 2 sponsors)

  • Sole Sponsor Package: $2,500 CAD


  • 12 months


  • One logo + text + backlink on homepage (10,000+ visits/month)

  • One logo + text + backlink on podcast page


  • Host-read endorsement per episode (30 seconds, Sole Sponsor package only)

  • Logo placement on intro card (video version)

  • Logo placement on outro card (video version)

  • Text + backlink in episode descriptions (syndication and YouTube)


  • Text + backlink in episode posts


  • Text + backlink in monthly newsletter (1,000+ subs)


  • One @ brand mention per episode LinkedIn posts

  • One @ brand mention per episode Twitter(X) posts

  • One @ brand mention per episode Facebook posts

Take the next step

To get started, please send an email to: and add 'Sponsorship enquiry' in the subject line.

Additional Sponsorship Opportunities

Ask AI is constantly testing new programs and initiatives which sponsors can start supporting from the ground-floor.

Guest Videos

Ask AI is open to working with organizations to distribute self-produced short videos (in alignment with pre-agreed content guidelines) which we amplify through our blog, YouTube, newsletter, and social media pages.

Cost: $100 CAD per episode (distribution only). Production costs depend on the resources available to the sponsor e.g. in-house video editor. Ask AI can also do the editing for $100 per video.

Guest Podcast Series

Ask AI is open to working with organizations to distribute their self-produced series within our podcast umbrella (in alignment with pre-agreed content guidelines).

Cost: $200 CAD per episode (Ask AI provides consultation and distribution only). Production costs depend on the resources available to the sponsor e.g. internal content / marketing team.

LinkedIn Live Events

Ask AI is open to working with organizations to host / co-produce LinkedIn Live events with sponsors that spotlight an AI technology, issue, or specific sector. Our team provides guidance on agenda, topics, and guests.

Cost: $500 CAD per event (hosting only). Additional costs (e.g. pre-event promotion) are minimal and depend on the resources available to the sponsor e.g. internal event / marketing / PR team.

Global Chatbot Initiative

Ask AI is currently working with one of the top prompt engineers / AI product developers in Canada to scope a relaunch of the Ask AI Chatbot.

Our goal is to transform this free resource from proof of concept to global resource for AI-related information e.g. influencers, news, tech, events, orgs, vendors, regulations.

Our chatbot landing page currently generates 8,000+ visits per month with potential to exceed 50,000+ visits per month.

This sponsorship opportunity will align perfectly with lead-gen strategies and international awareness campaigns.

Cost: Estimate $3,000 CAD year for research, development, hosting, and SaaS fees for 12 months.

Getting started

Please send an email to:

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