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Open Research: OpenAI Products, Pricing, Risks, Alternatives

Updated: Mar 13

Having difficulty keeping track of OpenAI's ever-increasing product portfolio? We collected data from multiple sources (including their slightly rambling web pages) to condense and simplify the portfolio, including links, pricing details, alternatives, and risks. We've also included a free CSV download version of the information so you can feed your bot or agent of whatever.🫣

Ask AI Research of OpenAI's product portfolio including descriptions, pricing, risks, and alternatives. Includes free CSV download.
OpenAI Product Portfolio


This post has been created for reference purposes only. Please check web links to confirm details, particularly pricing. If we got something wrong, or a significant detail has been overlooked, please let us know in the comments.

Note: We have not yet included details of the cross-over relationship between Microsoft's Co-Pilot products and Open AI's portfolio.

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Free Download: OpenAI Product Portfolio (CSV)

Ask AI Free Research - Ask AI - OpenAI Product Portfilio March 2, 2024 (2)
Download CSV • 16KB

Explore: OpenAI Product Portfolio

OpenAI - Consumer Products

ChatGPT Free

  • Launch Date: November 30, 2022

  • Product Type: Generative AI Chatbot

  • Target audience: Consumer

  • Pricing: Free

  • Description: ChatGPT Free is a chatbot supported by Generative AI technology the enables members of the public to hold human-like conversations and get assistance with various tasks like writing and coding. It's accessible via web and mobile apps but there are usage limits. Unlike the paid ChatGPT Plus, the free version lacks priority access, faster response times and the latest updates such as GPT-4 access, which includes access to Open AI's DALL·E 2 text-to-image generator and the saved conversation feature (ChatGPT Memory).

  • Risks associated with Generative AI technology:

    • Can be used to write code for basic malware programs.

    • Can be used to create convincing phishing emails / impersonation scams.

    • Can be used to create personalized scripts for email and phone scams.

    • Can be used to increase the scale of misinformation and spam campaigns.

    • Can be used to support academic plagiarism.

    • Can increase end user exposure to copyright infringement risks.

  • Link: ChatGPT Free

ChatGPT Plus

  • Launch Date: February 1, 2023

  • Product Type: Multimodal Generative AI Tool

  • Target audience: Consumer and small business

  • Pricing: $20 USD Per User Per Month (accurate at time of writing)

  • Description: ChatGPT Plus is a subscription plan for the ChatGPT conversational AI, priced at $20/month. It offers subscribers benefits like general access during peak times, faster response times, and priority access to new features and improvements. This plan aims to support the availability of free access to ChatGPT by providing a paid option. ChatGPT Plus differentiates from the free version by ensuring reliable access and enhanced user experience, catering to users' feedback for professional and personal use cases. Also includes GPT-4 Vision (image anlysis) and GPT Vision Builder (wireframe to web design).

  • Risks:

    • See above, but will higher -quality results that can include images as well as text.

  • Link: ChatGPT Plus

OpenAI Search

  • Launch Date: TBD

  • Product Type: AI Search Engine

  • Pricing: TBD

  • Target audience: Consumer

  • Description: On February 15, 2024, The Information blog reported that OpenAI is developing an internet search product, partly powered by Microsoft's Bing search engine, that will potentially rival Google search. At present are no other details, including whether it will be a standalone search engine or integrated within ChatGPT. Rather than getting a list of links, both organic and paid, based on whatever keywords or questions a user types in, AI Search Engines create a text result in the form of an answer. For example, if a user types "7 day vacation packages to Mexico", instead of a bunch of links to Yelp and blog postings that require clicking and reading, an AI Search Engine will produce a detailed itinerary.

  • Risks associated with AI Search Engine technology:

    • A lack of comprehensive content indexing can make AI search prone to producing search results that include misinformation and factual inaccuracies.

    • Alternatives: Google Gemini Search

  • Web Link: Open AI Search

GPT Store

  • Launch Date: January 10, 2024

  • Product Type: Bot Marketplace

  • Target audience: Consumer and small business

  • Target audience: Consumer and small business

  • Pricing: Pricing model for ens users unclear at time of writing

  • Description: Platform for sharing and monetizing custom ChatGPT models, fostering AI innovation and accessibility.

  • Web Link: GPT Store

Open AI - Small Business Products

ChatGPT For Teams

  • Launch Date: January 11, 2024

  • Product Type: Multi-modal Generative AI Chatbot

  • Target audience: Small Business

  • Pricing: Starts at $30 USD per user per month (accurate at time of writing)

  • Description: ChatGPT for Teams is enhanced with advanced models like GPT-4 and DALL·E 3 for tasks including code generation, data analysis, and image creation. It allows teams to create custom GPTs tailored to specific needs, secured with admin controls in a dedicated workspace. Features include brainstorming tools, document summarization, coding assistance, and content creation capabilities. It supports image and voice inputs/outputs and offers browsing for current web information, aiming to improve productivity and collaboration without using business data for training.

  • Risks associated with Generative AI Chatbots for small businesses:

    • Customer dissatisfaction due to inaccurate or mistranslated customer service responses.

    • Increased expoure to copyright infringement risk.

    • Increased flagging by email spam filters due to content automation.

    • Increased email unsubscribes due to content automation and spam.

    • Exposure to data privacy regulation risk due to leaking of sensitive data.

  • Link: ChatGPT For Teams


  • Launch Date: TBD (currently invite-only BETA)

  • Product Type: AI Text-To-Video

  • Target audience: Creators

  • Pricing: TBD. Possible cost ranges (based on industry trends and OpenAI’s past offerings):

    • Subscription-based: $20-$50/month, considering its potential capabilities and target audience.

    • Pay-per-use: $0.01-$0.10 per second of generated video, based on existing tools and computational demands.

  • Description: On February 15, 2024, OpenAI announced the BETA launch of Sora, a text-to-video model that transforms text prompts into one-minute videos. Sora is designed to understand textual inputs deeply and translate them into video sequences that feature highly detailed scenes, complex camera motions, and characters exhibiting vibrant emotions, demonstrating an understanding of language and the physical world. However, while the rest of the world sees Sora as a video-generation tool, for OpenAI, it is an attempt to create a simulated reality that could lead to Artificial General Intelligence.

  • Risks associated with AI text-to-video technology:

    • Can be used to scale deep fake content production

    • Can be used to improve the effectiveness of misinformation campaigns

    • Can be used to generate pornographic deep fake videos that pose direct threats to the safety, privacy, and well-being of victims.

    • Can expose creators to copyright and intellectual property issues (especially if the AI system does not disclose source data).

  • Web Link: Sora

OpenAI - Developer Products

Custom GPTs

  • Launch Date: November 16, 2023

  • Product Type: Multimodal Generative AI Tool

  • Target audience: Developers

  • Pricing: $100 USD Per Month (accurate at time of writing)

  • Description: GPTs allow for the customization of ChatGPT to specific needs or tasks, enhancing its utility for diverse applications without requiring coding knowledge. Users can create GPTs for personal, company internal use, or broader sharing, equipped with features like web searching, image generation, data analysis, and more. This advancement facilitates tailored assistance in educational, professional, and creative endeavors, representing a significant enhancement over the standard ChatGPT functionalities.

  • Risks of publishing custom chatbots:

    • Accidental exposure of proprietary or protected information.

  • Web Link: Custom GPTs

OpenAI - Enterprise Products

ChatGPT Enterprise

  • Launch Date: August 28, 2023

  • Product Type: Multimodal Generative AI Tool

  • Target audience: Marketing, Operations, Finance, IT

  • Pricing: Customized. Estimates suggest that ChatGPT Enterprise has an average cost of approximately $60 USD per user. ChatGPT Enterprise offers a 32,000 token limit, roughly equating to 25,000 words, which allows for lenghthier and more complex prompts. This version is designed for companies requiring sophisticated AI tools for data-intensive tasks, setting it apart from the general-use ChatGPT Plus. Description: ChatGPT Enterprise provides features like enterprise-grade security, privacy with SOC 2 compliance, and data encryption. It offers unlimited, higher-speed GPT-4 access and supports longer inputs with 32k token context windows, enhancing data analysis and customization for organizational use. The platform ensures customer data privacy, not using data for model training, and includes management tools for large-scale deployment. Additional capabilities include shareable chat templates and API credits for custom solutions, aiming to make teams more creative and productive by assisting with a variety of tasks.

  • Risks of Generative AI for Enterprise businesses:

    • Increased customer dissatisfaction due to inaccurate or mistranslated customer service responses.

    • Increased exposure to customer lawsuits (example) due to sharing of inaccurate information.

    • Increased exposure to copyright infringement risk.

    • Increased corporate governance risk due to hallucinations in financial performance reporting.

    • Risk of illegal or unethical use by employees, particulalrly in the absence of clear AI at work policies

    • Increased operating costs due to unchecked use of cloud-based AI

    • Negative impact on corporate sustainability goals due to high energy consumption related to AI tools

    • Increased flagging by email spam filters due to spamming caused by marketing automation.

    • Exposure to data privacy regulation risk due to leaking of sensitive data.

    • Risks related to contravention of open-source licenses.

  • Link: ChatGPT Enterprise

API Platform

  • Launch Date: November 6, 2023

  • Product Type: Generative AI API

  • Target audience: IT, Developers

  • Pricing Model: Costs vary between models, with GPT-4 and GPT-3.5 Turbo offering different context limits and pricing for input and output tokens. The GPT-4 8K model, suitable for detailed content, costs $0.03 per 1K input tokens and $0.06 per 1K output tokens.

  • Description: The OpenAI API provides a general-purpose "text in, text out" interface that can be applied to a wide range of English language tasks. It allows for text completions based on given prompts, and its performance can be honed for specific tasks through training on provided datasets or learning from user feedback. The API supports models from the GPT-3 family, offering various speed and throughput improvements to accommodate the rapid advancements in machine learning​​. The API emphasizes data privacy, ensuring inputs and outputs are not used for training. Features include text generation, embeddings for data representation, and assistants for task automation. Tokenization processes text into manageable units, with limitations based on the model's context length.

  • Link: API Platform

Whisper API

  • Launch Date: March 1, 2023

  • Product Type: Speech Recognition API

  • Target audience: IT, Developers

  • Pricing Model: The price of Whisper is $0.006 USD per minute or $0.0001 USD per second (rounded to seconds per pricelist). 1000 seconds (16:40) would be $0.10 USD.

  • Description: Whisper is OpenAI's advanced automatic speech recognition system, trained on a vast and varied dataset, enhancing its ability to understand diverse accents, background noises, and technical terms. It supports multilingual transcription and translation into English, outperforming other models in robustness and error reduction across different datasets. Its architecture utilizes an encoder-decoder Transformer, processing audio in chunks for various tasks like language identification and translation. OpenAI has made Whisper's models and code open-source, aiming to foster further innovation and application development in speech processing technology.

  • Web Link: Whisper API

Open AI Agents

  • Launch Date: TBD

  • Product Type: AI Agent

  • Target audience: Operations, Marketing, Sales, Customer Support, IT

  • Pricing: TBD

  • Description: OpenAI is developing AI Agent software aimed at automating complex tasks by taking control of consumer and employee devices. This software is designed to replace the need for humans to directly interact with systems, forms, and applications by automating tasks such as data entry, scheduling, order management, communications, inventory management, customer support, business and legal reporting, and data analysis, among others. Known as "agents" these assistants are engineered to perform intricate personal and work tasks on command without close supervision.

  • Risks associated with AI Agents:

    • Increased legal and compliance risk due to misalignment of agents with policies and regulations.

    • Increased security risks related to AI Agents handling sensitive data, creating vulnerability to cyber threats, hacking, and data breaches.

    • Increase in unethical actions taken by AI agents that are not aligned with organizational values.

    • Increased disruption of employee experience, including redundancy, reassignment, and re-training.

  • Web Link: Agents

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