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Open Research: Free AI/ML Courses offered by Canadian organizations

Updated: Mar 2

Ask AI researched the best free courses in artificial intelligence and machine learning offered by Canadian organizations. These learning opportunities are ideal for individuals looking to enhance their knowledge in AI/ML technology and inform their career strategies.

Free introductory courses in AI

Hosted by CIFAR, the world-renowned Canadian high-tech research organization, this beginner-friendly course is designed to introduce learners to the fundamentals of artificial intelligence. The goal of part 1is to demystify AI, helping students understand what it is, and what it isn't. Part 2 dives into how AI is shaping the workplace and influencing Canadian society. To wrap it up, in Part 3, learners are taken on a journey behind the scenes of an AI project, introducing concepts like deep learning and machine learning. For AI/ML newbies, this exciting learning adventure is highly recommended.

This free online course, hosted by the Centre for Advancing Responsible and Ethical Artificial Intelligence at the University of Guelph, aims to provide a basic understanding of key concepts in AI and ML with a focus on the automotive sector. The course is open to high school (Gr. 10-12) and post-secondary students who are residents of Ontario. Students can register for the course by clicking the ‘Register (Students)‘ button on the course website. Educators can also register for an educator’s account and/or a class account for their students by clicking the ‘Register (Teachers)‘ button on the same website. The course is supported by Linamar and funded by the Regional Future Workforce Program of the Ontario Vehicle Innovation Network.

Step into the world of critical choices, agonizing dilemmas, and value-based perspectives that go beyond regulations and laws with AI Ethics 1 – Governance, the first half of an engaging two-part digital course thoughtfully crafted by the Alberta Machine Learning Institute in collaboration with the Digital Governance Council. This learning adventure has been designed to provide newcomers to artificial intelligence with the essential knowledge and skills needed to champion the highest ethical standards in AI practices and governance.

This free course, co-developed by Canadian learning technology company D2L and Toronto-based INQ Consulting offers a free Introduction to AI Ethics and Governance. The goal is to help learners build a greater understanding of AI technology and bring their organizations one step closer to responsible AI governance.

This compelling course created by the University of British Columbia offers K-12 teachers and other educators an exciting opportunity to prepare for the ever-evolving landscape of technology and education. In an era where computers are continually advancing in problem-solving capabilities, students are transitioning into the role of adept problem finders and definers, bridging the gap between the real world and computer-driven solutions. This course empowers educators to navigate the AI revolution and gain invaluable insights and skills.

Free introductory courses in machine learning

Co-created by the Alberta Machine Learning Institute and Digital Governance Council, this course provides a gateway to the fascinating world of machine learning with an engaging and accessible approach to the key concepts and principles. The two-part workshop features a live 3-hour virtual session led by expert instructors who demystify the subject. In addition to the live session, students have access to a wealth of supplementary online content, allowing for self-paced exploration and deeper learning. Upon successful completion, students earn the coveted ML Foundations 1 Badge, a testament to their newfound expertise that can be showcased on professional platforms like LinkedIn.

This course, designed specifically for black and indigenous post-secondary students, offers a thrilling exploration of machine learning. Over a span of 9 weeks, participants will acquire market-ready skills in model-building, optimization techniques, and other essential machine learning concepts. This online course is entirely free and boasts a comprehensive curriculum, including common algorithms like linear and logistic regression, decision trees, neural networks, and more. With 2 hours of weekly lectures and workshops, complemented by hands-on tutorials, students can apply their knowledge effectively. This unique learning opportunity is offered by Toronto's esteemed Vector Institute, making it a fantastic chance to thrive in the dynamic world of machine learning.

This free 6-week online course has been specially designed for stay-at-home caregivers on parental leave who have basic knowledge of linear algebra, calculus, and probability plus fundamental coding skills (including variables, libraries, arithmetic operations, loops, conditionals, and functions). The course focuses specifically on computer vision and natural language processing, and learners get access to valuable mentorship opportunities for career growth with leading AI-driven companies and engaging career and research talks delivered by Vector's renowned researchers and business leaders. Upon successful program completion, financial childcare support is provided, along with a professional development certificate. This program is made possible through generous contributions from CIFAR and the Vector Institute to assist with childcare expenses.

Free courses in Canadian AI that combine work eperience

The Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC) hosts the Work-Integrated Learning (WIL) initiative which caters to post-secondary students from diverse academic backgrounds. WIL has been designed to aid employers in expanding their businesses by hiring post-secondary students while taking advantage of a wage subsidy. The initiative includes professional development opportunities through Canadian-focused online micro-courses, including topics like artificial intelligence. Participants have the flexibility to complete the program at their own pace, dedicating 1-2 hours per week over a span of up to 12 weeks. There are no costs associated with student participation and the majority of employers accommodate students by permitting them to complete online courses during their regular working hours.

Offering a free course in AI?

Canada-based organizations offering free online or in-person training in artificial intelligence are invited to email a short summary plus link to to be considered for inclusion in this post.

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