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Canada Artificial Intelligence News - November 2023

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

Recent innovations, investments, and warning signs from Canada's world-class artificial intelligence sector

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AI News 2023

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Editor's picks for November 2023

🤔Feds asking if copyright protections should apply to work created by artificial intelligence or be reserved for work created by humans. Full story

🫤According to a recent survey, 50% of Canadians can’t differentiate between real and AI-generated content. Full story

👍Toronto-based Promise Robotics has raised $20.8M CAD in Series A funding to accelerate the use of robots in home building. Full story

🐟British Columbia First Nations, SFU, and Feds are testing ‘Salmon Vision’, an AI tool that detects different species with 80-90% accuracy. Full story

👍Proposed amendments to AI and Data Act (AIDA) could make the proposed law have more impact than originally contemplated. Full story

🎓Western University appoints Mark Daley as Chief AI Officer to oversee AI as a learning tool - the first such appointment in Canada. Full story

Breakthroughs, investments, and awards

🏆Sanctuary AI’s Phoenix, a humanoid general-purpose robot, has been named one of TIME’s Best Inventions for 2023. Full story

💸Toronto-based Arteria AI has raised $46M CAD in Series B funding to help banks turn documents into data. Full story

👍University of Alberta targets $50M with new Innovation Fund focusing on artificial intelligence, health, energy and agriculture. Full story

Governance, ethics, and regulation

😐Canadian Minister attends AI Safety Summit in UK, stating that "The risk is that we do too little, rather than too much". Full story

Public and higher education

🫤 Carleton University report points to a dilemma: How to embrace AI in the classroom while trying to curtail cheating. Full story

🤔D2L survey reveals 13% of colleges and universites have no AI regulations or policies. 56% of faculty concerned about impact on tuition fees. Full story

Sustainability, oceans, and agriculture

🔥Alberta Wildfire using AI to predict wildfires in collaboration with AltaML, the Alberta government, and Mitacs. Full story

🐄 Experts say AI, automation, and robotics have potential to help labour shortages and food safety in the meat-processing sector. Full story

🐮Alberta Innovates is investing in the use of artificial intelligence to better identify lame cattle before transport to a feedlot. Full story

Healthcare and life sciences

👍The Wilson Pregnancy Lab at McMaster University using machine learning to help predict the 15 -25 per cent of pregnancies that end in miscarriage. Full story

Business, startups, and public sector

👍BlackBerry has announced plans to launch Generative AI-powered cybersecurity assistant to analyze potential threats in real-time. Full story

🤖 Waterloo's OpenText has released LLMs called 'Aviators' that enable organizations to address multiple AI use cases without moving their data. Full story

👻 Scary good or just plain scary? Airbnb used AI to help crack down on Halloween parties in Toronto. Full story

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