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E50: How should AI be used in our universities?

Catch the Ask AI interview with Dr. Christian Blouin, Institutional Lead for AI Strategy at Dalhousie University to learn how he is supporting its faculty though the disruption created by artificial intelligence.

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If an AI model at a university performs an analysis of a large dataset and detects a new pattern, or generates a fresh insight, who should get the credit? The algorithm? The academic? Both?

Academic integrity is just one of the many ways in which artificial intelligence is poised to disrupt the lives of instructors and researchers at our top universities.

In this episode of the Ask AI podcast, host Melissa Kargiannakis chats with Dr. Christian Blouin, Associate Dean of Computer Science and Institutional Lead for AI Strategy at Dalhousie University, about the disruptive nature of artificial intelligence within higher-education and its impact on academic integrity.

“The problems and opportunities that AI represents in various fields and disciplines are unique to those disciplines. A computer scientist wouldn’t necessarily understand them. So over the next decade, everyone has to own AI, not just computer scientists. But we can only do this if there’s a baseline understanding, and people feel they have the authority to make good, informed decisions.” - Dr. Christian Blouin

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What you'll discover

  • How computer scientists are using computers as an assistive technology to solve important problems for humans

  • How the role of computer scientists is evolving in the AI revolution by placing greater importance on collaboration and giving centre stage to other disciplines

  • How AI has the potential to solve complex problems by detecting patterns and capturing trends that human academics may not be able to identify

  • How academic integrity in the age of AI requires a shift away from demonization towards a focus on helping academics learn about AI to form their own opinions

  • Why democratizing AI within academia involves ensuring that people from all disciplines have the knowledge and skills to engage with AI technology

  • Why teaching AI to educators should focus on both its technical and human sides to prepare individuals for an AI-driven world

  • How the future of AI may include artificial general intelligence and brain-computer interfaces

About Dr. Christian Blouin, Dalhousie University

Dr. Christian Blouin is Associate Dean Academic in the Faculty of Computer Science and Institutional Lead (AI Strategy) at Dalhousie University.

He started his career as a professor of Biochemistry and Computer Science and since 2016 has led the Academic portfolio in Computer Science, experiencing unusual growth, multiple transformations, and disruptions.

In 2023, he joined the Provost’s office to assist Dalhousie in its transition into an AI-enhanced world.

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