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Canada Artificial Intelligence News - January 2024

Updated: Feb 15

The latest artificial intelligence innovations, investments, and warning signs from Canada and around the globe.

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Editor's picks for January 2024

👍 Innovation minister proposes amendments to Artificial Intelligence and Data Act (AIDA) to align Canada with international regulations. Full story

👍 University of Guelph researchers have used AI technology to predict the rising costs of groceries for 2024. Full story

🤔 Canadian Centre for Cyber Security report notes that the capacity of Generative AI to generate deepfakes "exceeds our ability to detect them". Full report

👎 Analysis by Canada's Integrated Terrorism Assessment Centre warns that AI-powered deepfakes pose "a persistent threat to public safety". Full story

👎 Research by Stanford and Canadian Centre for Child Protection has reveals that an open source AI was trained with explicit photos of children. Full story

👎 Police are investigating AI-generated fake nude photos of girls from a Winnipeg high school that were posted online. Full story

Key international stories

The European Union has agreed on the terms of the AI Act, a major new set of rules that govern the building and use of AI. Full story

OpenAI and Microsoft are being sued by the New York Times for billions for alleged damages releated to the illegal copying and use of its content. Full story

Japan’s government has reaffirmed that it will not enforce copyrights on data used in AI training. Full story

Breakthroughs, investments, and awards

London Health Sciences Centre has received $7.5M to help its researchers globalize a new AI technology for diagnosing rare genetic dieasess. Full story

Evolve Funds is using AI technology from Boosted AI to launch Canada's first AI-focused investment fund to also be curated by AI tools. Full story

Governance, ethics, and regulation

Privacy Commissioner of Canada publishes guidance doc to address risks to privacy posed by Generative AI and its use of personal information. Full story

SOCAN and a coalition of music orgs have submitted a letter to Federal government detailing concerns about impact of AI on the music industry. Full story

Canadian voice-over artists fear that SAG-AFTRA's new contract will let Generative Artificial Intelligence slowly replace them. Full story

OSFI and FCAC encouraging Canadian financial institutions to complete a voluntary questionnaire on the adoption of AI/ML and quantum computing. Full story

Public and higher education

Grade 7 and 8 students in London, Ontario have spoken with classrooms around the world about key global issues, including AI. Full story

Sustainability, oceans, and agriculture

Scientists at Montreal's Insectarium are using AI to discover new species and understand the effects of climate change. Full story

Vancouver's OneCup AI has signed 140 trialists to test BETSY, an AI-powered technology that monitors cattle health, nutrition, and growth. Full story

Healthcare, life sciences, & pharma

QEII Health Sciences Centre in Halifax has deployed a first-of-its-kind machine that uses AI to provide faster, more precise, and targeted cancer treatment 👇

Business, startups, and public sector

Vancouver's Sanctuary AI has acquired key IP assets related to touch and grasping which are vital to building truly general purpose robots. Full story

Treasury Board President Anita Anand says the government is setting guidelines for using AI to process federal job applications. Full story

EllisDon and Timescapes have partnered to combine high-res timelapse video with AI-powered analytics to help optimize construction sites. Full story

RoboGarden and Continuous Learning program at Ontario Tech University partnering to offer AI-powered courses to help train app developers. Full story

The launch of the Canada Innovation Corporation, initially slated for 2023, will be delayed to 2027, and might not happen at all. Full story

Ecopia AI has built a high-precision, digital 3D map of Toronto for the use of autonomous vehicle (AV) development. Full story

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