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E51: How can AI support human-centered healthcare?

Updated: Mar 18

Catch the Ask AI interview with Dr. Alexandra Greenhill, Founder, CEO, and Chief Medical Officer at Careteam Technologies

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At first glance, the use of AI tools and the goal of delivering increasingly person-focused healthcare might seem at odds, and that might be true except for the fact that treating patients has become incredibly complicated. Combine that with a global shortage of healthcare professionals and suddendly a clearer role for artificial intelligence begins to emerge.

In this episode, we meet Dr. Alexandra T. Greenhill, Founder, CEO, and Chief Medical Officer of Careteam Technologies to explore how she navigates the complexities of AI in healthcare, bridging the gap between what is possible and what's happening.

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What you'll discover

  • 02:22 About Careteam

  • 06:38 Supporting the Canada Health Act

  • 08:45 The Inspiration Behind Care Team

  • 09:19 Starting Care Team in a Crowded Space

  • 11:06 The Importance of Coordination in Healthcare

  • 13:28 The Impact of Care Team on Accessibility

  • 14:53 Shifting Focus from Longevity to Quality of Life

  • 15:32 Maximizing Life with the Support of Technology

  • 18:24 Predictive Analytics and AI in Care Team

  • 23:58 Micro AI and Human in the Loop

  • 28:22 Embracing AI in Healthcare

About Dr. Alexandra Greenhill, Careteam

Renowned as a leading physician in digital health innovation, Dr. Greenhill is also a co-editor of the "AI in Clinical Medicine" book and the Chair of the Board for Physician Innovators. She has also earned numerous accolades, including Top 40 under 40, Startup Canada’s Woman Entrepreneur of the Year, and recognition in the WXN Top 100.

With a passion for translating digital advancements into meaningful progress for people's well-being, Dr. Greenhill believes that entrepreneurship and technology are pivotal in addressing the pressing issues of our time, especially within healthcare.

Having successfully implemented health innovation at scale, she now leads and advises some of Canada's most promising technology companies.

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