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Canadian AI News - December 2022

Updated: Mar 26, 2023

Welcome to the Ask AI news roundup where we highlight the latest innovations, investments, and breakthroughs in Canadian artificial intelligence over the past 30 days.

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Governance & Society news

🍁 Canada has ranked 5th place in Stanford University's Global and National AI Vibrancy Rankings behind USA, China, India, and UK. Full story

😂 A team at the University of Guelph has set out to develop a new model for teaching sarcasm to AI/ML tools to improve social media mining. Full story

😀 Ask AI Exclusive: How does AI Global help put AI/ML research into action? Get episode

Sustainability news

🏙 UN-Habitat is opening a new project office in Montréal focused on applying AI to address some of the most pressing issues facing the sustainable development of cities. Full story

⚡ Canada's first 'Open Compute Project Foundation' compliant data center is set to open in Lévis, Québec and will be powered by almost 100% renewable energy. Full story

🐋 The University of British Columbia and Transport Canada’s 'Quiet Vessel Initiative' are leveraging AI to reduce impact of shipping noise on marine mammals. Full story

😀 Ask AI Exclusive: How can AI help to mitigate the effects of catastrophic oil spills? Get episode

Healthcare & Public Safety news

🛑 Abhishek Gupta, founder of the Montreal AI Ethics Institute, warns of potential bias as Montreal health network makes plans to use AI to reduce wait times. Full story

😤 A device planned by Moncton-based Breathe BioMedical could lead to early detection of certain cancers by using AI/ML to analyse breath sample data. Full story

👍 University of Alberta researchers, lead by Bo Cao, are using AI/ML to help clinicians and policymakers predict opioid use disorder. Full story

😀 Ask AI Exclusive: Is AI poised to make major breakthroughs in healthcare? Get episode

Business news

🎈 A new app built by former StatsCan worker Fred Hazelton uses machine learning to predict busy times at theme parks to help tourists minimize line-ups. Full story

👍 Brazil's Linda Lifetech is moving its headquarters to Toronto to expand its solution that uses AI to analyse breath and body heat data to detect cancer. Full story

😀 Ask AI Exclusive: How does an AI consultancy work? Get episode

Natural Resource / Agriculture news

🍠Amii and New Harvest are leading a new research collaboration focused on applications of AI/ML in cellular agriculture. Full story

🥕 CULT Food Science is developing an Institute of Cellular Agriculture in conjunction with the University of Alberta and New Harvest Canada. Full story

😀 Ask AI Exclusive: How is AI making greenhouse production more efficient? Get episode

Robotics/AV/AR news

🤖 Innovation, Science and Industry has announced a $30M investment in Sanctuary Cognitive Systems, a Vancouver company specializing in human-like robotics. Full story

😀 Ask AI Exclusive: How will AI create immersive content for the metaverse? Get episode

Public sector news

🌜 Canada is considering a framework for 'moonshot programs' to accelerate developments in climate change, vaccine development, and artificial intelligence. Full story

😀 Ask AI Exclusive: How does Canada’s NRC support artificial intelligence? Get episode

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