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Canadian AI News - September 2022

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

Welcome to the Ask AI news roundup where we highlight the latest innovations, investments, and breakthroughs in the Canadian artificial intelligence sector.

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💰 Toronto's Clear Blue Technologies has received a $5M grant from Sustainable Development Technology Canada to accelerate its off-grid power system technology. Full story

💧NSERC has provided funing to U Waterloo to leads interdisciplinary team investigating new forever chemicals in Canadian water systems. Full story

🤝 Intel has announced a 3 year research collaboration with Montreal's Mila to develop advanced AI techniques to address climate change, new materials, and digital biology. Full story

👍 The University of Toronto's ‘Sputtertron’ is the latest project to receive CFI funding and is aimed at developing advanced materials in support of a greener economy. Full story

😀 Ask AI Exclusive: How can AI make an impact in carbon-intensive industries? We asked Mark Speaker, Industry Solutions Executive at Microsoft Canada. Get episode

Governance & Society

✋ The City of Markham is working with IBM Canada to launch an AI-powered virtual assistant to simplify the voting process for its upcoming municipal election. Full story

📷 A Federal judge has ruled in favour of Somali refugee claimants after a new study found shortcomings in facial-recognition technology used to process their applications. Full story

🕵 The Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario has appointed Teresa Scassa, professor and Canada Research Chair at University of Ottawa, as its first-ever “scholar-in-residence". Full story

😀 Ask AI Exclusive: Can AI help preserve indigenous languages? We spoke with Anna Kazantseva, Research Officer for Indigenous Language Technologies, NRC. Get episode


❤‍🩹 New 'Command Centre' will work in tandem with The Ottawa Hospital’s big data analytics platform to provide predictive analytics around real-time health signals. Full story

🏆 Professor Ervin Sejdic, a leader in biomedical devices and AI has been elected to the Royal Society of Canada’s College of New Scholars, Artists and Scientists. Full story

😀 Ask AI Exclusive:How is AI accelerating the science behind pharmaceutical research?

We checked-in with Liran Belenzon, co-founder & CEO of BenchSci. Get episode


🕵 Toronto's Armilla AI, a quality assurance (QA) platform for ML scientists, has announced a partnership with Milla to develop next generation systems. Full story

👐 Vancouver's Railtown AI has partnered with Quisitive Technology Solutions to empower software engineers. Full story

👍 Toronto-based Knockri has developed an AI-powered interview assessment tool to help companies reduce bias and bolster diversity in the job hiring process. Full story

😀 Ask AI Exclusive: How is applied (and responsible) AI impacting enterprise competitiveness? We spoke with Cory Janssen, Co-CEO at AltaML. Get episode

Natural Resources / Agriculture

🌿 Through a $30M government commitment, Protein Industries Canada is co-investing in projects utilizing AI to help grow Canada’s plant-based food, feed, and ingredients ecosystem. Full story

😀 Ask AI Exclusive: How is AI making greenhouse production more efficient? We met with Yves Daoust, Founder and CTO at Winter Farm who were awarded $2.9M to find out. Get episode


🦴 A group of University of Alberta researchers are trying to redefine medical assistance for those with mobility issues by combing artificial intelligence with exoskeleton technology. Full story

😀 Ask AI Exclusive: How will AI create immersive content for the metaverse? We asked Manal Siddiqui, CEO, and Pietro Gagliano, CVO, at Transitional Forms. Get episode

Public Sector

👍 Dr. Graham Taylor, a professor at the University of Guelph, has been named research director at the Vector Institute. Full story

😀 Ask AI Exclusive: What goes on at MILA, Quebec’s renowned AI research Centre? We asked Stéphane Létourneau, EVP, MILA. Get episode

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