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E52: What's the role of AI in modern legal systems?

Catch the Ask AI interview with Dr. Maura Grossman, Research Professor at the University of Waterloo and Adjunct Professor at Osgoode Hall Law School.

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In this episode of the Ask AI podcast, host Melissa Kargiannakis explores the intricate relationship between artificial intelligence, law, and technology with Dr. Maura Grossman, a lawyer, researcher, and a faculty member at the University of Waterloo and Osgoode Hall Law School.

Their conversation delves into the nuances of AI in legal practices, emphasizing the significant impacts and potential pitfalls of AI tools like ChatGPT in legal documentation and court proceedings.

Dr. Grossman's experience at the intersection of technology and law, including pioneering work in eDiscovery and Technology Assisted Review (TAR) provides a compelling perspective on the evolution of legal tech and its future trajectory.

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What you'll discover

  • Dr. Grossman discusses the critical differences between AI-powered tools and traditional search engines, highlighting the importance of accuracy and the risks associated with "hallucinations" or misleading outputs from AI.

  • The episode touches on the legal industry's response to AI, including the implementation of standing orders and directives to manage the use of AI in court filings, and the challenges of balancing technological advancement with ethical legal practice.

  • Dr. Grossman emphasizes the value of specialized AI tools for legal applications, such as Harvey for case law, which offer more accurate and reliable outputs than general-purpose AI models.

  • The conversation explores broader implications of AI in society, including biases, the concept of reliable sourcing, and the impact of AI on historical narratives and justice.

  • Dr. Grossman shares her diverse career journey, advocating for interdisciplinary interests and the pursuit of passions as a pathway to innovation and specialization in AI and law.

About Dr. Maura Grossman

Dr. Maura Grossman is a respected figure in the intersection of law and technology, serving as a Research Professor at the University of Waterloo and an Adjunct Professor at Osgoode Hall Law School.

She is renowned for her pioneering work in developing the technology-assisted review (TAR) process in legal discovery, blending her expertise in both law and computer science.

Dr. Grossman's research and advocacy have significantly influenced the adoption of AI and machine learning technologies in legal practices, making her a leading voice in the field of legal tech.

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