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E53: What's it been like hosting100+ major AI events?

We caught up with David Scharbach, founder of the Toronto Machine Learning Series, MLOps World, Generative AI World Conference, and Impulse AI Latam events.

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In Episode 53 of the Ask AI podcast, host Melissa meets with David Scharbach, a proud father, community builder, and founder of multiple major AI events, including the Toronto Machine Learning Series, MLOps World, Generative AI Summit, and Impulse AI Latam which has involved planning and coordinating over 100 individual events featuring more than 700 speakers.

As a key figure on the international AI scene for over a decade, his insights into what its like working with AI founders and researchers (whose natural disposition does not always tend towards active community engagment) are gold dust for those seeking to engage with them.

Equally compelling are his insights into the relationship between Canada and Silicon Valley in the contenxt of AI brain drain, venture-backed financing, and the increasing physical presence of the AI Giants within the Canadian market.

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What you'll discover

  • David's extensive experience in organizing AI events and his insights into the challenges and opportunities within the AI community.

  • The discussion on the importance of community in the AI space, highlighting how creating a space for connection and conversation can drive innovation and understanding.

  • A focus on the need for responsible AI development and the role of community-led initiatives in promoting ethical practices within the industry.

  • The exploration of AI's impact on various sectors, including legal, manufacturing, and more, showcasing the transformative potential of AI technologies.

  • Insight into the future of AI community events, with a particular emphasis on Generative AI and its applications.

About David Scharbach

David Scharbach is a prominent advocate for and is well known for his extensive contributions to the AI community in Canada, the US, and Latin Amercia,

A proud father and community builder, he the founder and organizer of the Toronto Machine Learning Series, MLOps World, Generative AI Summit, and Impulse AI Latam events.

His work with various steering committees exemplifies his commitment to promoting AI's effective, efficient, and responsible use, making him a pivotal figure in advancing AI's future.

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